Freedom Team, Teeple, Lewis visit SaddleBrooke GOP Club

VIA SBINSIDER | August 6th, 2023

Dana Lewis and Ross Teeple and the Freedom Team (minus 1)

The SaddleBrooke Republican club hosted a shared food event (formerly known as pot-luck) Tuesday, August 1st the gathering at the SaddleBrooke Activity Center was warm but an enthusiastic crowd of about 80 folks squeezed in for libation, mastication, oration and elocution.

Ross Teeple was the initial speaker and related his experience and how fate and Godly guidance has lead him to be in the position to be the next Pinal County Sheriff. Having served under 3 prior Sheriffs and continually promoted, he was hesitant to take on this race, but his peers at the department and the mentoring of Sheriff Mark Lamb, convinced him to become a candidate. At this time, he has no Republican or Democratic competitors.

Ross Teeple, candidate for Pinal County Sheriff

County Recorder Dana Lewis spoke briefly about the whirlwind past year when she went from working in the elections office, to being appointed County Recorder and now also taking on running elections! It is a huge job and she is in the process of gathering staff. Her first test will be the Presidential Preference election in March 2024. She will return to SaddleBrooke to expand on her role and take questions at the September Republican club meeting. She too, will be on the ballot next November and has no challengers at this juncture.

For more on the Elections Director news click here. 

The Freedom Team Tags-off

LD-17 Senator Justine Wadsack and State Representative Cory McGarr also spoke. They regaled the audience with a tag-team approach to their first year as office-holders in the State Legislature. Working as a trio, which includes State Representative Rachel Jones, they made coordinating action on the plethora of bills that flow between the House and Senate much easier. They were also were part of the Arizona Freedom Caucus which consists of Republicans who identify Constitutional Conservatives akin to the US House Freedom Caucus. with the right-wing of the party. Over late night sessions reading bills over wine and communicating via text, the trio dissected proposed legislation as they had promised to do as candidates.  Wadsack was especially proud of  getting 4 bills signed into law while running 52 bills, most of which came from voters. Too, the ability to thwart or heavily amend problematic bills was a major accomplishment. Still, the reality of a Democrat Governor with veto power (Wadsack had 6 bills vetoed by Hobbs) was a major impediment to getting any meaningful election reform bills passed, which was a salient concern of conservative voters. The Freedom Team promised to try again next session.

Cory McGarr, State Representative LD-17
Republican Club President Kathleen Dunbar was the emcee for the event and remarked that ” We are fortunate to have candidates and elected officials who are willing to take time to come to a late in the day event after work and spend time listening to the voters in SaddleBrooke.”
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