Proposition 469, Pinal Sales Tax, FAILS

VIA SBINSIDER| November 29th

The proposed increase in the Pinal County Sales tax failed by a razor thin margin of 2,298 votes or 50.85 against and 49.15% in favor. 

Results of sales tax vote.


SaddleBrooke East (Precinct 15) voted in favor of the increase, by a mere 38 votes. SaddleBrooke West, (precinct 8) the area mostly in HOA2 voted in favor, by a whopping 151 votes. 

The county results are a reverse of what happened in 2018, also a small margin. The Goldwater Institute filed a lawsuit and the Arizona Supreme Court overturned the election, ruling it was as an invalid method of taxation as it was two-tiered. The key question is what happens to the 12 million already collected under the prior Yes vote and being held by the state?  That question make take a long time to resolve and is a decision for the Pinal County Board of Supervisors.

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