Proposition 130 helps Arizona Veterans

VIA SBINSIDER | August 2022

Arizona is one of the few states that permits the citizens to propose changes to the state Constitution. In order for changes to be proposed, the citizens need to gather enough signatures in order to qualify for the balloting. The other option is for the legislature to propose changes which are then sent to voters.

This fall if passed by the voters, Proposition 130 will reinstate a property tax exemption for Arizona’s disabled veterans. For many years Arizona veterans wounded in the line of duty were given an exemption from property taxes based on the VA disability award. A tax court threw out the exemption on a technicality. For a decade, Arizona Assessors have tried repeatedly to persuade the state legislature to pass a bill for this purpose. This year, with the strong support of Senator Vince Leach, the bill passed and will appear on the November ballot.

The exact ballot language will be mailed to you in your voter guide in October, or can read at the AZSOS.GOV (Secretary of State) website. 

Voting YES on proposition 130 restores a justly deserved reduction in property taxes for our Veterans who have sacrificed for our freedom.

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Ron Bechky
Ronald Bechky
1 year ago

I think this is proving to be a valuable resource for SB. Interesting items in the County.

1 year ago

You might want to ask why the legislature is hiding behind Veterans, widows & widowers to change the constitution to exempt Business from paying property taxes. Why not ne up front about that? I will be voting no on Prop 130. There is about to be a HUGE tax shift from Business to the Homeowner and the legislature just lost the transparency battle. also, take a look at HB2822