Pinal supervisor Cavanaugh remains step ahead of process server, causing ‘circus’


FLORENCE — A Pinal County supervisor has successfully dodged being served with a lawsuit for five weeks, prompting the plaintiffs to seek an order for an “alternative means of service” and an extension of time.

Pinal County Attorney’s Office employees Garland Shreves and Amanda Stanford filed suit July 18 against the Board of Supervisors and Supervisor Kevin Cavanaugh, R-Coolidge, in his official capacity. The employees say their careers, reputations and personal lives have suffered from Cavanaugh’s false allegations of sexual misconduct.

The employees filed a new motion Aug. 30 that says process server Tom Rankin has been unsuccessful in attempts to serve Cavanaugh with the suit at the Board of Supervisors office in Florence, at his home and office in Coolidge, and at scheduled board meetings. Cavanaugh has attended board meetings by phone in recent weeks.

“Defendant Cavanaugh has gone to great lengths to evade service, going so far as erecting a chain-link fence around his residence to prevent access to the property and intentionally leaving” the Aug. 24 Board of Supervisors meeting, the motion asserts.

After attending the last several board meetings by phone, Cavanaugh attended in person on Aug. 24.

“I look over and here’s Cavanaugh walking in the room; he hangs the phone up and now he’s live,” board Chairman Jeffrey McClure, R-Eagle Crest Ranch, said in a phone interview.

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