Pinal Property tax rate to stay unchanged


FLORENCE — The Pinal County Board of Supervisors approved new property tax levies and rates Monday for all governmental entities for the fiscal year that began July 1.

EDITOR’s NOTE: What this means for SaddleBrooke residents is a slightly increased property tax bill as inflation has caused average home prices to increase. There are multiple taxing authorities for SaddleBrooke such as:

  • Pinal County
  • Pinal County flood district
  • Pinal County library district
  • Pinal County JR College district
  • Golder Ranch Fire district 
  • Oracle School district 
  • etc….

Depending upon your exact location, you may be subject to other taxing districts. Each district has a rate range (set by the state legislature) that they adjust annually, based on your home valuation. The districts vote as a board to set their particular rate and forward that to the Pinal County Board which in turn approves and sends to the County Treasurer to compile the total tax bill. Owners can check their values online at this link, . Set the year to 2023 for this year’s values.

Pinal’s primary property tax rate is unchanged from last year at $3.56 per $100 of net assessed valuation. It is the fourth-highest in the state, as it was last year. Only Pima ($4.01), Santa Cruz ($4.02) and Gila ($4.19) counties have higher rates. Your net assessed is on your valuation statement sent by the Assessor in March and is indicated as the Limited Property Value.

The newly approved rates now go to the Treasurer’s Office for preparation of tax bills.

Angie Woods, Pinal’s director of budget and finance, shared other details of Pinal’s property tax with the board Monday:

  • Pinal County’s portion of the total tax levy is roughly 26 cents of each tax dollar, down from 31 cents 13 years ago.
  • Pinal’s primary levy per person is $266, which is $25 above the state average. Five counties have higher per-person levies — Santa Cruz, La Paz, Greenlee, Pima and Gila. Gila’s is the highest at $496.
  • Thirteen years ago, Pinal had the second-highest primary property tax burden as a percentage of personal income in the state at 1.16%. It has fallen today to 10th highest at 0.61%.
  • Pinal’s primary property tax rate is 64.2% of the maximum possible. Only Greenlee County is lower at 59.2%. Maricopa County’s rate is 73.9% of the maximum, Pima County’s is 83.2% and La Paz and Coconino counties’ rates are at the limit at 100%.
  • Pinal’s total primary property tax levy has increased 17.8% in the last 13 years, while population has grown 20.6%.
  • Residential properties account for 70% of Pinal’s net assessed value last year, followed by commercial properties (22%), agriculture (7%) and all other classes (1%).
  • Pinal moved from second lowest to third lowest primary net assessed value per capita with $7,470, ahead of Yuma ($7,311) and Apache ($7,212). “Our net assessed valuation per person has grown slightly in comparison to other counties,” Woods said.
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