Pinal County politicians, Lamb, Shope, may challenge Senator Sinema

VIA SBINSIDER | February, 22 2023

Senator Kristen Sinema who recently left the Democrat party and is being challenged by Congressional Democrat Ruben Gallegos for her Senate seat which is on the ballot in 2024, has drawn lots of attention on the Republican side. Sinema has re-registered as an Independent, triggering Gallegos to challenge for the Democratic nomination.

Sensing that Sinema is highly vulnerable, Sheriff Mark Lamb has openly indicated he is taking a serious look at the 2024 Senate race. In response, Kari Lake, losing candidate for Governor, also made that same gesture. T.J. Shope, State Senator from Pinal County then indicted that he too is seriously considering running, declaring ” “Alright folks, who’s ready for a candidate who has one foot in rural Arizona roots and another in urban Arizona? Let’s have at least one candidate who appeals to all of Arizona because the other two definitely don’t!” 

Lamb has been elevated from the relatively lowly position as a county sheriff to a high-profile secure border advocate and favorite of former President Trump. He appeared many times at the White House and has traveled to Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s residence. He also had a long stint on the reality TV show Live PD. He is a frequent guest on Fox and Newsmax TV.

Shope, a Coolidge native was elected to the Arizona House in 2012 and has served either there or in the Arizona Senate continuously since then. His family recently sold the family owned IGA grocery store in Coolidge and he served for many years on the Coolidge School Board. His most famous (or infamous) vote was to agree to expand Obamacare during Governor Jan Brewer’s tenure. He was later censured by the Pinal County Republican committee for that vote.

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