Pinal County Board Plans to REDUCE Property Tax Rates


The Pinal County Board of Supervisors announced their preliminary approval for a decrease in the primary property tax rate for next year. Supervisor Jeff McClure who represents SaddleBrooke, made the motion to reduce the tax rates.

Pinal County has experienced unprecedented economic growth in the past several years which has greatly expanded the tax base particularly the amount of new business properties. The reduction comes despite the increased need for county services across the board, fierce competition for workers and high inflation for everything. The County is required by state law to provide the services despite the external cost factors.

The budget is not finalized until the Truth in Taxation hearing at the July 3rd meeting which as required by state law. (Coincidentally, the primary election ballots hit the mail that day with several challengers to the current board members.) Pinal County’s portion of the overall tax bill is about 23%, of the average taxpayer’s bill.

Whether or not taxpayers actual taxes will decline depends on the Limited Property Value which was sent to homeowners  in a notice this past February. “Increases in property values are always dependent on the area of the county where you live, “according to Pinal County Assessor, Douglas Wolf.  “In the notice my office sent, you can see both the current and next year’s valuation as a way to compare.

“The other thing for taxpayers to consider is the tax rates applied by the other taxing authorities where you live, such as school districts, water districts, fire districts among others. Each of those entities is also in the process of setting their respective property tax rates, Wolf added. “Unfortunately, Arizona property tax law is extremely complicated and overall taxes are unique to each individual property. That is why we encourage everyone to contact our office if they think their valuation is incorrect.”

Each district taxing authority has a limited range of rates that they can assess. If the property tax valuation increases and the rate stays the same, the taxes applied will go up. If the taxing authority reduces its rate, the taxes collected can stay the same or go down.

The tax bills will be mailed by County Treasurer Michael McCord in early September.

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