Pickleball to become an Amentity? POSTPONED!

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The SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association (SPA) will present a plan to the HOA2 Board of Directors designating the club as an amenity of HOA2. The meeting is scheduled for August 4th, at 1:30 PM and can be attended in person or via a ZOOM link. The gathering is to be held at the Desert View theatre.

SPA is looking for funding to finish the new court complex on Bobcat Canyon. Only HOA2 residents are allowed to make comments.

From the SPA website :

SPA has obtained a bid of approximately $1,350,000 to construct eight new courts, a ramada, restrooms and a pavilion.  To help fund this project, SPA and its members will provide approximately 80 percent of the construction costs, through member dues, donations, sponsorship funds, and loans from members.  HOA2 is being asked to contribute $280,000 – approximately 20% of the construction funds needed – and provide ongoing maintenance and reserves as it would any other amenity.

The total proposed up-front cost to HOA2 equates to a one-time amount of approximately $90 per HOA2 household.  That’s it.  Once the new courts are complete, HOA2 will have improvements on its land with a value of at least $1,600,000, which equates to over $500 per household (including the value of the existing six courts).  Essentially, SPA and its members will have gifted each and every HOA2 home almost $500 in value.


Click here to see the full proposal 


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