Pickleball Courts one shot closer


Friday morning, May 26th, was a momentous day for the new Pickleball courts. At approximately 1AM a series of concrete delivery trucks lined up to pour the new concrete surfaces. The late night run was required by the high temperatures in Arizona this time of year.

Unfortunately, the wait will continue for the grand opening as a number of other construction details need to be completed. According to a SPA board member of the Pickleball association, “The best timing for opening is likely in August.” The board member noted pavers and other materials had yet to acquired.

A bird’s eye view of the new layout can be seen from this LINK. Eight new courts plus other amenities are planned.

Not only are the members of  SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association anxious for the completion of the upgraded center, the Tennis Club is anticipation of the return of two Preserve courts that are currently being used for PickleBall. According to the agreement between the Robson Companies and which donated the land, the tennis courts will be returned upon the opening of the new Pickleball complex.


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