People in SaddleBrooke, joy and sadness

Via SBINSIDER | April 28th, 2023

Happy Nuptials Bengen and Barr

SBINSIDER was witness to the marriage of two well-known SaddleBrooke resident this past weekend. On Saturday, April 22nd, William Bengen and Barbra Barr were wed in a perfect-weather outdoor ceremony on the lawn at Mt. View. About 150 guests attended the ceremony followed by an exquisite dinner and dance inside the Mt. View ballroom. Both had suffered the loss of long-time spouses and met at the SaddleBrooke bereavement group. Bengen has taken a leadership role with the United SaddleBrooke movement and Barbara has been a leader in SaddleBrooke Rotary. Our felicitations to the newlyweds.

Jay Wilson RIP Longhorn

Jay Wilson, wrangler

One of the stalwarts of the SaddleBrooke Tennis community, Jay Wilson, passed away this week. He was a native of Texas and lived for over a decade in SaddleBrooke. He was a renaissance man who authored a number of books and short stories, one that was featured in the SBINSIDER as a free download, Motive and Denial. He will be sorely missed by his many friends. Our condolences to his spouse Marsha. We wrote in that article:

One of those talented folks is our own Jay Wilson. A former many things, including lawyer and cattle wrangler and multiple times published author. A native Texan, he and his bride Marsha moved to SaddleBrooke for living his passions on and off the tennis courts. Wilson, an octogenarian still makes players 20 years his junior look slow and overmatched by his forehand weapon and terrific court movement. He also employs his artistic talents in the field of embroidery, providing gifts and memorabilia to many SaddleBrooke residents. 

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TJ Duffy
TJ Duffy
1 year ago

Jay was a true stand-up gentleman and a “good buddy”.
It has been said that some people come into our lives and quickly go.
Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same. Thank you, Jay.