Oracle Ford sold to new owner


Mark Phelps the co-owner of Oracle Ford announced last week to the Rotary Club of SaddleBrooke that he and co-owner Patrice Ross are selling their Ford Franchise to a new owner. Phelps, made his announcement to a surprised group of members and exhibited strong emotions as he spoke. ” It was obvious that this was a very trying and heart-rending event in his life” according several folks attending  the meeting.

Oracle Ford has been an active participant in the civic life SaddleBrooke and the City of Oracle for many years. Ms. Ross is a political activist and has hosted numerous political events at her home on the fringe of SaddleBrooke.

No information was available as to the new ownership. Phelps did say that he had received assurances that current employees would be retained. Phelps spoke highly of his staff and was very concerned with their welfare with this change.

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