Minit Market Damage Remains-HOA1 Board Responds

VIA SBINSIDER| Updated June 2nd, 2023

It has been several months since a car plowed into the Minit Market west set of buildings but as you can see, the building still looks terrible. Apparently, the owner of the shopping center is OK with the only store front in SaddleBrooke looking like a destroyed and abandoned building.

Where are the HOA Boards on raising the noise level on this mess?

The HOA1 Board has taken action. According to a source at HOA1, the General Manager, Vivian Timian on behalf of the board sent a letter to Robson Development (?)  asking for an update as to when residents can expect repairs to be made.  At this time, no response has been forthcoming.

Paving Underway

Perhaps the delay in the frontage repair is due to the road work which is happening today (Friday the 2nd) with seal coating and restriping the parking lines.

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Dean D Hood
Dean D Hood
11 months ago

Robson Development does NOT own the mini-market shopping center! I am surprised that the HOA1 General Manager is not aware of this.

Linda Solmonson
Linda Solmonson
11 months ago
Reply to  Dean D Hood

There has been confusion about the ownership of the mini-mart and the marketplace. Is there a difference in who owns what? The whole area needs repairs and new paint…besides the signage! It is UGLYto say the least.