Michelangelo’s for serious foodies

Beet Salad


Gloria Wolf, food critic, MPH

Practically the perfect food: Michelangelo’s beet salad. The salad is constructed of yellow beets, topped with pistachios, gorgonzola with a balsamic vinegar splash and a side salad of citrus dressed arugula.  You have to like beets and gorgonzola and arugula. If you do, this salad will satisfy.

From classic Italian seafood such as seafood Tortellini or Black Mediterranean mussels and chicken parmigiana to panini sandwiches and of course, wood-fired pizza, you’ll enjoy a collection of delights to take you to Italy, right in Tucson.

Branzino is on the menu. A light white fish from the Mediterranean sea is sometimes called European sea bass. While Branzino is not technically a sea bass, it holds the name. It is a delightful fish especially served with lemon and herbs. It flakes nicely and has nutty sweetness in the flavor.

Brunch is served on Sundays starting at 10:00 AM. Try a frittata, known as the Italian omelet. The La Jolla Frittata has broccoli, rabe, thyme mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, onions, avocados, and goat cheese crumbles served with potato hash.  You can also go to the beyond breakfast menu section and select items such as chicken lasagna or spaghettini pomodoro.

My favorite item on the menu is Mamma’s House-Made Meatballs. These are meatballs you can dream about. Served with a touch of pomodoro sauce and house-made ricotta, it is enough for an entrée.

But the desserts. Along with a stiff dose of some kind of coffee, enjoy gelato or Bottega favorites such as chocolate mousse cake or chocolate decadence. How do you decide? You can either spend an extra hour at the gym or share a dessert with friends. Indulge yourselves, SaddleBrooke!

Beware Michelangelo’s is very busy weekends and dinner hours. Reservations strongly advised.

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Ilsa Wolf
18 days ago

Those meatballs are the best