Long Leaves them Laughing at Mt. View


Saturday night, August 20th, Mt. View Ballroom was the site of a comedic event. Cary Long entertained the crowd for about 90 minutes without a break and had the audience completely captivated. Long presented observational humor on married life as it was his 23rd anniversary, and other aspects of being in the entertainment business.

Long also took care to tailor his humor to the local SaddleBrooke audience noting the recent monsoons and a few remarks about the pricey Dove Mountain resort. According to Long, he had ventured out into the mountains for a hike one afternoon and was encountered by a Pinal County deputy on patrol. Long had taken a tumble and was mud-caked head to toe and was lost. The result was a ride in the patrol with a bit of sorting out as to who he was and why he was in that location.

Long is polyglot and demonstrated his facility with multiple languages by holding brief conversations with audience members in Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, French and Hebrew, as a portion of his performance. He told us that he learned the languages as part of his childhood as a military brat and moving about the world. Many audience members remarked on the up brow content of his performance and appeal to the SaddleBrooke audience, said one attendee ” I think he hit the sweet spot for the folks here in SaddleBrooke.”

As an entertainer, Long got his start on the hit television show “Star Search” with Ed McMahon and has since been seen on “Evening at the Improv,” VH-1 Stand-up spotlight with Rosie O’Donnell, as well as appearances on the “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno.

After the show, Long spent time chatting with the audience with a few more witty remarks. Will he be back? Time will tell, as Long has a recurring gig on the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas cruise line.

Love old time Rock and Roll? Desert View is presenting a tribute band covering Pink Floyd, Saturday, October 1st.

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