Lightening Strikes Home on Hollywood Way


The monsoon season has brought the welcome rain and lower temperatures. However, along with the good things, they arrive via thunderstorms which carry the potential for destruction. High winds accompanied by noisy thunder and generated by lightening. And this week, a homeowner in SaddleBrooke HOA2 had their home struck by a bolt from the Thor.

The home on Hollywood Way was struck and lost several roof tiles and the surge of electricity that permeated the house destroyed their dishwasher. The owner reported the cost to repair the roof and replace the dishwasher is approximately $1,100.0 and not enough to reach the threshold for insurance.

“We consider ourselves lucky, it could have been much worse and a good thing we were home to mitigate the damage.” said the owner to SBINSIDER.

Lightening strikes are not rare in SaddleBrooke per Golder Ranch Fire district data.

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