Leach Loses Residency Lawsuit vs Wadsack


SaddleBrooke resident Vince Leach supporters lost their appeal in court yesterday. A couple of LD-17 residents sued Justine Wadsack claiming she did not reside inside the boundary of LD-17. Wadsack had rented a room for $250 per month inside the district, while her home is outside the boundary. Wadsack claimed she has to move due to harassment by anti-fa activists.

But, Pima County Superior Court Judge Richard Gordon ruled that Justine Wadsack may remain on the ballot. She is the GOP candidate for state Senate in LD 17, facing Democrat Mike Nickerson. His ruling stated that the plaintiffs did not provide “clear and convincing evidence” a very high standard to meet.

Leach still has another pending lawsuit regarding voter disenfranchisement due to ballot shortages on election day in Pinal County.

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Jan Fiehler
1 year ago

Curious minds want to know…..did Justine provide “clear and convincing evidence” regarding the harassment of anti-fa? Sounds a little fishy to me (wink)!