Lake still Leads in Republican Governor race but it’s shrinking

VIA SBINSIDER| other sources…July 6th

Kari Lake’s lead has been eroded by millions of dollars in negative TV advertising by the Karen Robson campaign.

In April, Lake was ahead 35% to Robson’s 21%. 

Data Orbital polling numbers released today show a tightening race, with Lake’s lead now at 27.4% to 21.5% for Robson.

SBINSIDER contacted a famously successful Arizona political operative who remarked “Negative advertising always works if there is a hint of truth and Lake did in fact, contribute to Obama and Kerrey a decade ago. Too, Lake does not have a personal fortune to draw upon for firepower that Robson does, being married to a billionaire, ” he added. Robson is married to the developer of SaddleBrooke, SaddleBrooke Ranch and other upscale retirement communities.

The poll also revealed that Lake’s support jumped to 35% when the voter was told that Lake was endorsed by Trump, showing the power that Trump still has with Arizona primary Republican voters.

Robson has spent reportedly spent $3 million per month on advertising and related campaign activities.

Stacking the Deck?

In related news, The Arizona Republican Party and its leader, Kelli Ward, are accused of stacking the deck in favor of Kari Lake in the GOP primary, Robson and others contend. The state party typically stays neutral in primaries, but supporters of Karrin Taylor Robson in particular say the state GOP isn’t giving a fair shake to anyone but Lake, the Arizona Capitol Times’ Nick Phillips reports. Lake and Ward both denied any favoritism.



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