Lago Del Oro Road Finish Reply from Pinal County

VIA SBINSIDER| August 6, 2023

Lago Del Oro Road Finish Reply from Pinal County

SaddleBrooke residents have been asking questions about the end product of Lago Del Oro upgrade as it differs from Pima County roadwork We contacted Joe Ortiz, Managing Director of Community Development and he responded by email as follows:

Yes, the finish is different from the finish of Pima County because they’re two different products for two different existing road pavement conditions.  Pima County was a pavement remove and replace rehabilitation project consisting of a pavement mill/removal and 2″ asphalt overlay, at approximately $250k/mile.  Pima County pavement conditions were beyond a pavement preservation scope of work.  Pinal County evaluated its segment of existing pavement and base.  No base failure was observed but had pavement distress.  Pavement preservation scope of work was determined to be the best cost vs benefit.  Pinal County utilized a pavement preservation consisting of a micro-profile, and 2 applications of a micro-slurry at a cost of approximately $80k/mile.
Pinal County hopes to come back within the next few years with a rehabilitation project (full-depth recycle, or similar, etc.).  Although keep in mind, this future rehabilitation is contingent upon the 1/2 cent Road Repair Fund being reauthorized for another 20 years to continue past 2026.

Joe Ortiz Managing Director of Pinal County Development Services

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