James Beard Award winner for Outstanding Baker Products Available In SaddleBrooke!


Don Guerra has made Barrio Bread in Tucson famous. He is a 2022 James Beard Award winner for Outstanding Baker. Barrio means the neighborhood and Barrio Bread represents locally baked bread from our Tucson neighborhood. Barrio Bread has two locations, one in Tucson and one in Gilbert, but did you know that you can buy Barrio Bread right here in SaddleBrooke?

This morning, Friday June 7, Barrio Bread was available at the SaddleBrooke farmer’s market. Brought to you by the Greek vendor, the bread is picked up in Tucson and brought to the farmer’s market as part of their booth. You will also find imported Greek olive oil, Greek treats, such as baklava, honey and other delicious items. The woman at the booth indicated that for the summer she plans to be here every other week. On the opposite week she is at the SaddleBrooke Ranch farmer’s market (Thursdays).  This means the trip to get Barrio Bread takes only a few minutes.

I picked up a loaf of Heritage bread made with locally grown heritage flours. The ingredients are simple: Hayden Mills Barrio Blend Flour, BKW hard red wheat, water, sourdough culture, Sonoran Sea Salt. The second loaf was a Pan Rustico. This bread has a rustic exterior and a structured interior. It has a rich flavor you can only get from a locally sourced bread. The ingredients are: Hayden Flour Mills Barrio Blend, Arizona Vitrea Wheat flour, water, sourdough culture, Sonoran Sea Salt.

When you are eating Barrio Bread you are eating all the natural and wonderful things found around you here in Southern Arizona. You might want to pick up a Sonoran Baguette, a Sonoran Sourdough or a Focaccia. Treat your dinner guests with one of these artisan breads.

Don Guerra takes advantage of the heritage grains that have been grown in this region since the 17th century. This area is home to many varieties of old-world grains including white Sonora wheat, hard red spring wheat, red fife wheat originally brought here from Scotland and three blends: The Precision Blend, Sonoran Blend, and Barrio Blend. Look at these loaves of bread with a deep brown crust and the taste of authentic food sourced here in Arizona.

Gloria Wolf, food critix


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