Hot Coffee with GM and a Dispute!


Most of the meeting with Vivian Timian and board member Jim Daly and several others went along without anything unexpected. Updates on projects road Ridgeview Road repair, the rollout of Comcast service, and the Road Runner Grill makeover scheduled for next April.

Due to significant interest in the proposed changes to the ALC guidelines, the July 28th HOA1 board meeting will be held in the largest room for meetings, the Vermillion room.

A brief testy exchange

A resident spoke out on what she perceives as “bias” and “misinformation” that has circulated in SaddleBrooke regarding the public statements United SaddleBrooke has made on a possible HOA merger. Bill Bengen, who was attending the meeting, rose to challenge the assertions “I am offended that anyone chooses to believe that United SaddleBrooke has put out any information that was untruthful or misleading. “ Bengen asserted that the purpose of the group was to explore the options we have going forward as to a possible merger of the two associations. He challenged the resident to point out any specific information that was misleading and she failed to reply. GM Vivian Timian then explained that United SaddleBrooke “is a sanctioned club and was therefore free to disperse any information they choose and that further discussion would take place outside of this meeting.”

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Lavetta Torke
Lavetta Torke
1 year ago

Thanks Doug.