HOA1 homeowner fees to go up


The impact of monetary inflation is starting to trickle into every aspect of life in the US and SaddleBrooke. Real estate prices are up dramatically and gas is over a dollar higher a gallon nationwide. Earlier in the year, during a coffee with the GM, Vivian Timian, was asked about the impact of increases in minimum wages and supplies to the HOA1 budget. At that time, she said for budget purposes, that saw no dramatic impact.

Now, the situation is very different. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation jumped 5.6% from a year ago.

Board member Jim Daily was quoted as saying in a recent meeting that the fees will have to go up to cover the costs that are arising. Wages, food, energy etc. are all impacting the budget. The actual increase needed will be studied and approved later in the year for the 2022 budget.

“Nobody is happy about this but to maintain our current level of services it is unavoidable, ” added Daily


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