Hobbs discovers Arizona’s southern border


Governor Katie Hobbs this week finally decided that the Arizona border with Mexico was leaking like a sieve with illegal immigrants and stamping her foot, decided she was going to do something! She ordered the Arizona National Guard to start assisting Border Control and other law enforcement agencies to to deal with the surge in illegal crossings.

Arizona observers might be skeptical of her motivations. President Biden removed virtually all entry restrictions to any person who showed up at the southern border in Texas and Arizona and as a result, about 5 million illegals have made the passage into our interior. Hobbs said and did nothing. Most have been given a citation to appear in court for asylum hearings in the far, far future. The Department of Homeland Security reveals about 30% ever show for the court date and fade into the mass of American society as low income workers.

The real reason Hobbs got involved was the Biden closing of the Lukeville, AZ port of entry which leads directly to the playground of the Arizona upper middle class, Rocky Point. In other words, even wealthy Democrats, Hobbs big supporters, are having their Holiday plans upended by the Lukeville closing. She had to do something! So, she sent a few National Guards and then a very strongly worded letter to President Biden demanding he completely reverse his border policies -not quite. her meek letter asked for more Federal help. Representative Raul Grijalva in response  predictably, as he has done since being elected that a “comprehensive immigration reform bill” must be passed by Congress. Good luck with that.

CD 6 Congressman Juan Ciscomani, got into the fray:

“While it’s overdue, I’m glad to see Governor Hobbs sign today’s executive order and take this necessary action to secure our border,” U.S. Rep. Juan Ciscomani, R-Ariz., said through a spokesperson. “What will it take for President Biden to listen to border communities, make this a priority and take just one step in the right direction?”

Long time residents might remember another Democrat Governor, Janet Napolitano asking then President Obama for similar help. Obama responded by putting her in charge of Homeland Security. Perhaps Hobbs wants a move up too, as her ability to move her legislation is effectively blocked by an opposition legislature. The current Secretary Mayorkas is under intense fire for not enforcing the border, but he is following the orders of 37% approval Biden.

Apparently, President Biden is the only person in the US that does not see this as a “crisis” but only a temporary political problem. His approval ratings on this issue would strongly suggest otherwise but hey, after 47 years in Congress and now the White House, how can he be wrong?

Cynics might conclude that neither side wants to stop the flow of cheap labor. Wall Street loves the help with keeping wages low, and our demographic problems related to Social Security can be lightly mitigated by more workers putting into the system. The Democrats love to be seen as the party of the oppressed, yet at the same time claim the US is systemically racist? Making those kinds of statements can get you a job as the President of Harvard, but make no dent in the border crisis.


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Gloria Wolf
7 months ago

The Democrats are masters at completely destroying everything and then crying that we need more federal assistance to fix it.