HOA’s Elected New Members

VIA SBINSIDER | December 1st

New faces will populate the HOA boards as of the 1st of the year. In HOA1, the winners were Steve Bellacqua, Tom Swikoski and Kathleen Satoris. Of those 3, Kathleen Sartoris was most closely identified with the United SaddleBrooke group. William Bengen, the President of United SaddleBrooke, came in fourth.

On the HOA2 side of SaddleBrooke, well known community booster of PickleBall and the Community Circle Players own Shawne Cryderman has been elected to the HOA2 board of directors. In an e-mail exchange, Shawne wrote that she is open to any discussion and will be more ready after taking her seat in January.



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Pam Meiring
Pam Meiring
1 year ago

Exactly why I did NOT vote for Kathleen Satoris. It is a bad idea for the HOAs to merge. HOA1 seems to manage their finances better than HOA2. HOA1 should not merge with HOA 2 and share their financial responsibility.