HOA2 and New GM Part Ways

VIA SBINSIDER |  September 1st

Jerry McDonald, hired only a few weeks ago, is no longer the General Manager for HOA2. The change was announced by the HOA2 and also announced that Walter Yazzie has been promoted to the position. At the time of this posting, there was not a firm answer whether this is a permanent promotion or interim.

Yazzie has been the facilities manager for HOA2 and is currently in the midst of many projects. Currently two new tennis courts are being refurbished at the Mt. View site for about 330K and should be open October 1st.




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Ron Bechky
1 year ago

Walter Jansen is the permanent Executive Director. Damon HOA2- is searching for an assistant to take Walter’s old job. There is no definitive information about the departure of Jerry in McDonald. It is now however that he had purchased a house in Saddlebrooke and then he was actively participating in the HOA2- budget process