GM coffee: HOA1 New Bocce Ball Courts off Acacia? COMCAST update

VIA SBINSIDER| February 10th

At this morning’s “Coffee with the GM” Vivian Timian announced that the HOA1 board was seriously looking at the feasibility of moving the bocce balls courts out of the parking lot next to the Activities center and building them south of Acacia Road to the West of the gate. We reported earlier that an new activities center might be built  off Acacia, which was an error.

HOA1 already owns the land and the need for expansion of the activities center has been a long-timer topic of residents. The current building does not have the requisite area for parking as mandated by Pinal County, added Timian. By coincidence, the Senior Village has purchased a 1/2 acre parcel in the same area with the intention of building a 2K sg ft office building to house it’s operations. Timian added that the two entities are not working together and no funds from HOA1 were provided to the Senior Village.

Timian also indicated that an engineering firm has been engaged to review the site adding “a great deal of fill” would be needed to make the lot usable. By happenstance. the upgrade of the roads in Until 21 will provide some of that fill if the board moves forward.  The cost of the engineering review was estimated to be 19K.


Ms. Timian indicated that COMCAST has hired a new drilling subcontractor with positive results, so far. The new firm has a contract that is structured to relieve the time pressures that led the former firm to look the other way when damages were inflicted on the roads and resident properties.  Residents asked questions on the differences in speed and costs. Board Member Marty O’Shea, shared that he had switched to COMCAST. He complained that he was experiencing too much “buffering” which is a latent signal, which is not supposed to happen with fiber connections. He also said the financial incentives are very attractive to convert to COMCAST. Other residents reported they had no buffering issues.

Per the usual agenda, GM Timian took other questions from the estimated 75 people who came to the meeting and Bruce Landeck, President of the SaddleBrooke Hiking Club alerted all that next Thursday at 4PM the President of Arizona Highways magazine would deliver an address at Desert View Performing Arts for all residents.

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Ron Bechky
1 year ago

Thanks for the update re HOA1. I was unaware of this topic.