HOA1 February 5 Year plan postponed, HOA 2 holds 2nd Assessment Meeting

VIA SBINSIDER| February 25th, 2024


HOA1 residents were sent an email earlier this week that the meeting scheduled for Thursday the 22nd had been cancelled. The reason stated was that a 30 day period needed to elapsed from the time the Draft was released to the residents. Ergo, the meeting is going to be rescheduled to meet that requirement.


The 2nd public forum was held this past week and resident had the opportunity to kick around more ideas on how to avoid the likely alternative of paying a special assessment of about $4,500 per household. A couple of residents did present some creative ways to pay for the improvements. Also, the question of how many residents actually use the golf courses, the accepted answer has been about 30%. However, one resident made the salient point that of that 30%, only 8% play more than once a month, meaning the true level of active players is very low. (If his numbers are accurate, Pareto’s Principle does posit that of any given population, the split is 20% to 80% which fits this resident’s assertion. )

One other innovative idea from a Board member was to give residents a ranked choice vote on the three current options. So, a resident could choose Option 3 as their #1 choice, Option 2# as their #2 choice and Option 1 as their #3 choice. The votes would be aggregated by choice level and instead of a pure majority winning the option with the most overall points would win.

Yes, Ranked Choice Voting is complicated and has been used in voting for candidates in several states with unhappy results and most are in the process of being repealed. But it may work with this situation.

Golf is the #3 amenity desired in HOA1

Road Repairs in the Preserve

As reported earlier the sinkhole problem (Overlook and Palisades Junction) in the Preserve has been repaired with no actual cause of the breach being identified. This has lead residents to question the newer roads being built by Robson are not reliable: Because the SaddleBrooke roads are private, the state and county standards of construction are not required.

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