HOA1 Coffee with GM Boils Over

VIA SBINSIDER| April 12th, 2024

With the introduction of the Kelly Evans, the new Food & Beverage Director, HOA1 residents got a full repast Friday morning, April 12th. Residents had plenty to say about the current state of dining services in the Vistas and Roadrunner.

To be sure, the residents were happy to have a new F&B director.

One angry resident made an impassioned speech decrying the current state of food service. “In the past ten years things have gone from bad to worse, he said, “this is a private club, not a restaurant, and the residents who subsidize this operation should always be given preference on reservations and all other activities that are scheduled here.” A smattering applause rose from the crowd of about 90 resident to these remarks.

The same resident went on to say that it is time to set a monthly purchase minimum instead of a subsidy via monthly dues. This idea was rebutted by an HOA1 board member who told the crowd that the annual subsidy cost per household was $12 dollars.

Later the same resident started to complain again and other residents told him to “shut up” to which he retorted “you shut up.” At that point Vivian Timian the GM closed the discussion and went on to add other maintenance issues that were raised by Vivian Timian. She also discussed the process ongoing to get approvals for a new activity center which will require Pinal County’s blessing.

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Sharon Walker
Sharon Walker
1 month ago

I’m confused, I thought that the Art and Craft center was going to be addressed first. Is this ever going to end? The year round home owners have to sit through these messes, while the BOD rush through these jobs to get them done before the Snow Birds come back. 😟