HOA1 Chef’s Dinner Review

Smoked Tri Tip


August 10th, 2023

RATING 3.5 stars Pricing, Moderate

The August 9th Chef’s Dinner at HOA1 exhibited Asian flair in this meal of smoked tri tip with shoyu fried rice.

The meal started with petite crab cakes over dressed mustard greens, topped with a daub of remoulade. The crab cakes were a delight and just the right amount, two crab cakes. This first course was paired with a Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio. This Pinot Grigio is easily found in the local grocery store and has a fresh pure aroma and light, crisp taste.

Our entrée was a perfectly cooked smoked tri tip. While the smokey flavor was pronounced and the meat tender, the flavor of the meat itself was lacking. The vegetable portion was a napa cabbage slaw that was lightly dressed with a ginger-lemon nage. A nage is typically a vegetable stock, in this case flavored with ginger and lemon. Along with the shoyu fried rice, the napa cabbage slaw made a light, refreshing accompaniment.

The entrée course was served with a Tranche Cabernet Sauvignon that was smooth, dry, but not overpowering. This wine from Walla Walla Valley provides a “slice of life” according to their promotional material.

The meal was topped off with a pistachio ice cream, topped with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry. It was a fitting end to a fine meal.

The dining room and Agave lounge were nearly full as the popularity of the Chef’s dinners continues to grow.

Petit Crab Cakes

Petit Crab Cakes

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