HOA1 Board Proposes increases in Fees


In an environment of rising costs across the spectrum of services and goods concomitant to the operation of the homeowners association, the HOA1 board proposed to raise the monthly HOA fees by $10 a month. The new fee will increase to $2,680  annually, an approximate 5% increase. The increase was based on a forecast of 7% inflation in 2023.

In addition, the board voted to accept the recommendation to increase Golf course playing fees for all categories of play. The year to date numbers for golf is a net positive of $250,000 which is considered by all concerned, to be an outlier year in number of rounds played. According to a report from Mike Roddy director of golf operations, last year  87 thousand rounds of golf were played in the USA, an all-time high.

HOA1 also has $11 million dollars in reserve funds going into 2023.

The board also approved the 10 year projections for Long term planning. One of the board members asked the staff if prior years 10 year projections were accurate, looking backward. To find out that answer,  you can log into your homeowner account at https://saddlebrooke-one.org/

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Dotti McKee
Dotti McKee
1 year ago

HOA1 has $11 million in reserve funds and yet will not give one dollar to the new pickleball courts even though hundreds of HOA 1 residents play the game. And even though HOA 1 advertises PB as an amenity. Shame on you! The fight is over, the courts have been built, now pay your fair share.