HOA1 Board Approves new Home Colors, Draws Criticism on Violations, Planning

VIA SBINSIDER | August 13th

In a meeting on Friday August 12, the HOA1 Board approved the new color palette as presented by the Architectural and Landscape Committee. Jana Howard, Co-Chairman of the ALC was on hand to review the process and take questions from the resident. The audience was sparse, numbering perhaps 20 residents, which was surprising considering the committee received over 120 comments from residents and had delayed the final vote for this meeting.

Of those opposed, the banning of a color that had been on the approved list drew the most frustration. Other residents remarked that the HOA1 board had decidedto approve the changes before hearing from the residents. “It was a done deal before we walked in, a complete waste of our time,” said several attendees. 

Details of the ALC changes can be viewed by residents on the saddlebrooke-one.org website. (You must have a resident account setup to access the changes.)

SaddleBrooke Ranking dropping?

Another speaker made the assertion that the inaction of this board of directors and past boards in enforcing ALC infractions and planning to meet the goals of the HOA1 mission statement, has cost the residents in terms of equity growth and rankings as a destination retirement community.

Due to the 2 minute time limit to comments, the speaker had to truncate his remarks. SBINSIDER will be in contact with that person to examine the assertions in depth. Stay tuned.

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Diane Prickett
Diane Prickett
1 year ago

Is this the same palette of colors approved a couple years back ? Why are they reapproving them or is it just the vote that confirms that none of the old colors are grandfathered in? I don’t believe many residents are aware of that fact, hence the lack of participation in the meeting.

C Chaney
C Chaney
1 year ago

I would like confirmation that the old white colors are NOT being grandfathered into the new color palette colors for houses. I cannot tell from this posting if this action has been delayed. I am sure there are MANY home owners who do not want to be forced to change the white color of their house if they do not currently need the house to be painted. The ALC committee should reconsider their stance on this matter if matter is delayed. They need to request input from all SB1 homeowners with a broad announcement of their intentions for a fair vote on this issue.