HOA1 Board approves 1.5 Million for Road Runner-Home Colors Action delayed


At the regularly scheduled board meeting for HOA1, the final presentation of the costs and plans for a substantial remake of the Road Runner Grill were presented. Coming in at about 1.5 million dollars with a generous 24% contingency, the board took comments from the homeowners and then voted unanimously to proceed with the project.

The anticipated start date is April 2023 with a completion of 4th quarter 2023. Board Chairman Jim Daily thanked the committee members deeply involved in the planning process and others such as Tony Muscat, a member of the subcommittee.

ALC House Painting actions delayed August, Petition presented

Several  meeting attendees appeared to comment on the proposed changes to the approved color palette for house painting. Their concerns were of several types: One was the timing of the meetings, past and upcoming, and their unawareness of the preliminary meetings when this topic was discussed. A petition was presented to the ALC committee and the board to reject the proposed changes. 
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The most grating change is the removal of white colors. ALC proposed some new variations on white but homeowners with the current white color are not grandfathered in and at some point, must re-paint in an approved color at the homeowner’s expense. When asked about this, Jana Howard head of the ALC committee, told the audience that the committee has held meetings on this issue since last January and due to the response from homeowners requested that the board move the discussion to August 12th at 2pm, which was agreed upon.


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