HOA1 and HOA2 Merger DOA


An email issued jointly by the HOA boards of SaddleBrooke 1 and 2 definitively put the last nail in the coffin of a merger discussion that was initiated by a group calling itself, United SaddleBrooke. To wit:

You may have heard that a group has been formed called “United SaddleBrooke” and its mission is to advocate for a complete merger of the two Homeowners Associations. While we agree that United SaddleBrooke has every right to its opinion, it is important to understand that this group is conducting their activities on an independent basis and has not been asked or authorized by either of the SaddleBrooke One or SaddleBrooke Two Boards to conduct any type of plan, investigation or campaign. While the idea of a “merger” may sound attractive at first blush, after consideration of the details, (which are outlined below) both Boards have come to the conclusion that a merger is not feasible nor desirable. Both Boards agree that the best way forward is to expand our existing areas of mutual cooperation…


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