HOA1 5 Year Plan Meeting, HOA2 hosts 2nd Assessments meeting, Tuesday the 20th

VIA SBINSIDER | February 18th, 2024

HOA1 Meeting

This Thursday, February 22nd, the HOA1 board will meet to discuss the feedback from the residents. In an email sent several times, the Board solicited input on an overall plan and scope.

The meeting is at 2PM in the Coyote Suite of the HOA1 building. The public meeting will be preceded by an executive session which is closed to the public. After the releases of the draft last month, there was disagreement among the board members as to the way the survey was generated. Joe O’Conner the newest board member, was tasked by President Jo Ann Ellison to design the draft. Several other board members were nonplussed to hear the news of the draft being released prior to a vetting by the Board. However, the Board decided to forge ahead and the February 22

HOA2 Assessments Meeting

SaddleBrooke Two has released a plan for assessments to cover needed capital improvements over the next several years. The association has held one meeting and another is scheduled for Tuesday, February 20, at 10:00 AM in the DesertView Theater. There will be a third and final meeting on this topic which, at an undetermined date. At that point, the residents will have to vote if and how to pay for the plan.

Also, HOA2 has released its phone application for residents to take the place of ID cards. The announcement indicated that the app is compatible with both Android and Apple phones. Kudos to their IT folks.

Residents in HOA1 started asking for this technology to take the place of key fobs, about 18 months and were told by the General Manager that “we are working on it.” That is the same status as of today.

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