HOA1 Valentine’s Day feast review!

Shrimp Crusted Halibut


Gloria Wolf, food critic

4 Stars **** Price, very reasonable 

Upon entry, to the sold-out dining room, we received a long-stem rose, we were escorted to our table and enjoyed a lovely meal at HOA1 dining room. Our evening started with passed appetizers including a bruschetta with bar-b-que pulled pork topped with orange marmalade.

The first course was either a kale and napa cabbage salad or a roasted cauliflower soup with smoked cheddar. The salad was crisp and fresh, topped with blood orange segments, pine nuts and feta cheese. The blood orange vinaigrette was just right, not too much acid, but still lively. The soup was hot and creamy with a hint of smokiness.

For the choice of entry we were offered bacon wrapped Chateaubriand, shrimp crusted halibut or pistachio crusted lamb chops. We shared bites of our entrees at our table. The halibut was excellent, cooked just right. It would have been just as good with or without the shrimp crusting. Those who enjoyed the Chateaubriand were pleased with the flavors and that the beef was not over-cooked. The lamb was tender but did have a notable lamb taste. When they said jumbo asparagus on the menu, they weren’t kidding. The asparagus was delivered crisp-tender.

At the end of the meal we enjoyed a chocolate molten cake and strawberry-mint compote. It was a delightful dessert perfect for the occasion.

The pacing of the meal was leisurely and made for a pleasant evening. I think the house missed out by not collecting for an extra round of drinks. Serving that many people at one time is an admirable task, but make sure you get as many drink orders as possible. Because the meal was reasonably priced, many would have splurged for the extra glass of wine.

The lovers who dined with us this evening may not be young, but the memories of repasts with their favorite were salient and heart-felt.


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Carolyn McLean
Carolyn McLean
2 months ago

And what about the spontaneous dancing after dinner. That made our evening even more memorable. Everyone really enjoyed the pleasant dinner music dancing with our Valentines. Thank you for a wonderful evening. 5 stars !