HOA1 Board updates-5 Year plan and HOA2 $50 million in assessments

VIA SBINSIDER| February 3rd, 2024

Last week,  SBINSIDER published information on the financial challenges facing both HOA boards. This week, we present the feedback and reactions from residents from both associations. 

HOA1 5 Year Plan Draft

While a few comments were added to the end of the January 25th board meeting regarding the initiation and development of the plan. The Board decided to move the item forward and on Tuesday, residents on the email list, should have received a live link to a survey asking residents to add their input to the draft. 

According to the email sent via Linda Irwin on behalf of the Board “ This email will be sent each Monday in February and you may submit multiple forms.  Final day for submissions is Tuesday, February 27th (30 resident review period). The Association thanks you for your valuable input.” 

Subsequently, on Friday the 2nd, at the regularly scheduled “Coffee with the GM” Vivian Timian, Joe O’Conner, the Board member who was asked by President Ellison to create the draft, relayed to the residents that over “110” responses had come to him already. O’ Conner added that he was impressed with the depth and scope of residents’ responses. He urged everyone to take the time to add their input. He added that in a 5 year plan structure, as time passes the 1st year drops off and a new year is added to the future making it an iterative plan. 

Hot Coffee! 

After the O’Conner remarks, the meeting was interrupted by protests from several residents reiterating what was said at the prior Board meeting on the draft creation process. One resident wondered why more Board members were not involved in the drafting. Others complained (loudly) that the Board should hire an outside consultant who specializes in this type of project to assist the Board. 

After some more back and forth, Jo Ann Ellison repeated that the document was the ultimate beginning of the process and a working session of the Board on February 22nd was scheduled for more input from Board members and residents. 

Ellison also said that no one on the current Board wanted anything to do with talk of a merger with HOA2. The only dialog between the Boards was on shared interests, like streets, facilities and overall governance. 

Bill Bengen Open Letter to HOA1 Board 

Bill Bengen who participated in the GM Coffee meeting and is involved with United SaddleBrooke, sent a open letter to the Board signed by two other members, which you can open by clicking the text that follows:

Bengen\United SaddleBrooke Board open letter

William Bengen

Kathleen Sartoris Listening Tuesdays

HOA1 Board member, Dr. Kathleen Sartoris has scheduled a regular resident meeting at the Road Runner grill. Starts Tuesday, February 6th, at 8AM. 


HOA2 Possible Assessments Discussed

At the community meeting at Desert View Theater (packed to overflowing) residents were given the facts on costs anticipated in the short term capital plan to maintain the current set of amenities. Short term being 5 years and 10 years as the term of overall plan. 

The most likely way the $50 million in costs will be paid is with a 5-year assessment amounting to about $90 a month to each resident. But other ideas to finance the costs were presented. The entire video can be watched via this link. Fast forward to the end to hear the residents comments. 

Residents made many comments, ranging from questioning why, with only 30% of the residents playing golf, are the other 70% subsidizing the golf operations? Why do we lose money on the food operation? Why are these numbers not closer to final numbers….

Many of the suggestions even if desired by 100% of the residents, could not be implemented as the Robson Corporation still has veto power over any changes to the CCR’s that govern HOA2. 

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