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The GM Coffee today (April 13th) was highlighted by the overview of the closure of the Road Runner café and its concomitant effect on the other SaddleBrooke restaurants. GM Vivian Timian detailed the simultaneous food service closings at Mt. View and the Road Runner cafe, which is likely to have synchronous impact.
On April 18th, the Road Runner Grill service will be moved upstairs into the main dining room. The hours of Road Runner service will tee off at 7AM and continue until 2PM. Happy hour will remain at 2:30 to 5pm as usual and dining begins at 4PM.
Director of food service Chris Prier took many questions from the audience regarding this rebuild and focused on the loss of flattop (griddle) cooking surface during the renovation-he indicated about he was losing about 2/3rds of cooking area. The most telling revelation from this restriction was the announcement that hash browns, long a staple and favorite of the best golfers, were not going to be available during the rehab. With that news, audible gasps and groans were heard in the room as the news struck like a thunderbolt to the psyche of the golf community. As Chris explained, there was no just alternative to this diminution of service and would have be endured until September at best. Chris hinted that Home Fries might be one substitute.
Several attendees asked why the hash brown factor had not been brought up during the planning process so that the golfers and other residents would have time to prepare emotionally-some accused the HOA1 Board of hiding this known hazard of the rehab and said they felt “sand trapped” as a result. Several golfers reportedly were “teed off” by this impending change remarking “Well this is just par for the course here, we never hear what is really going to happen until the 19th hole,” said one golfer who wished to remain anonymous, remarked after the meeting.

Other News

Pinal County has installed two crosswalks on SaddleBrooke Blvd. They are marked by parallel white lines and cuts in the curbsides-but are very hard to see while driving. It was suggested to the county that flashing lights might aid everyone. The Pinal County portion of Lago del Oro is scheduled for re-paving in July.
It was suggested that IT look at replacing\supplementing the key fobs for amenities access to include a SaddleBrooke mobile phone application.  
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Dotti McKee
Dotti McKee
1 year ago

So sorry to learn about the disappearance of the golfer’s fave hash browns. Several of us have been discussing the picture of what appears to be a hospital cafeteria in the “new” RoadRunner Grill. Was this modern cold uninviting look voted on by the members; did we have a choice? Please Please don’t remodel anything else. We love our southwest feeling and look here which is why many of us purchased in SaddleBrooke. I remember when Mountain View spent millions destroying their cozy comfortable dining and now noisy bar area.