Juan Ciscomani, Kelli Ward and Jeffrey McClure speak in SaddleBrooke

VIA SBINSIDER.ORG | August 8th UPDATED August 10th

Juan Ciscomani, primary winner  in Congressional District 6, was presented with a donation from club President Daniel Culver. Ciscomani gave his thanks for the money and support that the SaddleBrooke Republican club voters supplied. He noted that his competitors had called and pledged their support in the November election where he faces the Democrat candidate. Congressional District 6 covers parts of Pinal and Pima county and most of Cochise.

Prior to Ward’ speech, County Supervisor Jeffrey McClure detailed the problems with the Pinal County Primary elections and the steps put into place to assure a smooth election in November.  Last week, the Board fired the Elections Director, David Frisk, and replaced him with Virginia Ross, who resigned as County Recorder (an elected position). Dana Lewis was sworn in Friday as her replacement and will have to run for office in 2024.
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The crowd was generally accepting of the actions taken, but expressed anger and frustration in the question and answer session with McClure.  “This spectacle made the Republicans look very bad, especially after the 2020 debacle in Maricopa” and “it seems very strange only Republican ballots were short on election day, heads should roll at the County.” added another. Some called for the firing of County Manager Leo Lew as he was the direct supervisor of the elections director. McClure was non-committal on that issue except to say all aspects of the election process and staffing is under intense scrutiny.

Kelli Ward the chairwoman of the Republican Party of Arizona, was the featured speaker. Ward charmed the crowd of over 200 stalwart Republicans who wanted the insights on the primaries in Arizona and the influence of former President Trump. She exclaimed to the faithful for about 55 minutes-right up to cocktail time.

Primary candidate winners Justine Wadsack, Cory McGarr and Rachel Jones, winners in LD 17 were also  introduced to the crowd. The meeting was held Tuesday, August 9th, at the Mountain View Ballroom west at 3pm.

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Diane Foster
Diane Foster
1 year ago

Very nicely reported.. such a positive take on election outcomes by Kelly, Juan and Jeff. Proud to be a Republican!!

1 year ago

Both timely and nicely written. The photos are appreciated as well. It will be great as more people become aware of these kinds of rapid postings and notifications on SBInsider about SaddleBrooke events. I wasn’t able to make this particular meeting and my wife and I really appreciated the quick update. I have some some snowbird friends who are traveling and I will be spreading the word about SBInsider!
Note: Unlike Twitter, SBInsider actually has an edit button… 🙂

Last edited 1 year ago by James Alexander