GOP holds State Legislature, McGarr, Jones in House, Wadsack Senate

VIA SBINSIDER | November 11th

While the Governor’s race is not yet decided, despite Pima County not completing its counting, the margins in LD-17 will likely hold in the direction as of today (Friday) and the 3 Republicans will win.  Two of the candidates, are political neophytes, McGarr and Jones, while Wadsack has been an activist for a variety of causes for a number of years. Like all newcomers, when they take their seats in Phoenix their effectiveness with we be limited by their freshman status. However, with the margin of one or two votes deciding the majority, the Republicans will have to work closely with all members to pass legislation. Last session, several Republicans went rogue and refused to support several high profile election-related bills. All of those legislators are no longer holding office, either through voluntary retirement or losing in a primary.

Wadsack will have much to prove in the Senate in that she defeated long time legislator and SaddleBrooke resident, Vince Leach, in the August primary. She and Jones and McGarr were greatly aided in their quest for power by the most prominent talk show radio voice, Garret Lewis on KFYI out of Tucson. Lewis had a personal grudge against Vince Leach due to Leach’s refusal to appear on his radio program. Plus, they had an encounter at an event where Leach insisted that Lewis “just wear your mask” in response to Lewis protesting the unfair way some businesses were treated by Governor Ducey’s shut down mandates.

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