George Kahlaf provides 2022 election voter insights

VIA SBINSIDER| June 24, 2023

The SaddleBrooke Republican Club heard a presentation from George Kahlaf on his impressions of the voting in Arizona, last fall. While SaddleBrooke GOP voters turned out nearly as high as possible at 86%, the remainder of Pinal County GOP only had only a 51% turnout.

Kahlaf began by saying he was not going to address any remaining issues with Maricopa County voting problems.

Kahlaf gave great credit to the Democrat party and the ground game they executed. The US Senate race was a target for Democrats. The Democrats had paid workers on the ground in Maricopa County particularly who visited undecided voters multiple times. To that end, Kelly spent $76 million versus $10 million by Masters. Kahalf also said the polling data indicated that the Dobbs decision on abortion rights was not a major factor in the race. Democrats also had a better game in place for ballot “chasing” which is legal and consists of callers contacting people who had received their early ballots but had not returned them in the mail. Republican candidates urged their voters to drop off their early ballots on election day-causing chaos and long lines, discouraging other GOP voters who left rather than vote. Despite the losses by Lake, Hamadeh and Masters, voters did re-elect Kimberly Yee as State Treasurer and returned Tom Horne as State Superintendent of Schools, a post he previously held before becoming Attorney General.

Kahalf is the son of Lebanese immigrants who fled the Levant due to the civil war that raged for 15 years. Kahalf described the sacrifices his father made to get his family here. He is a professional pollster and his company, the Resolute Group, works with Republican campaigns 

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