Garret Lewis Talks About Tucson Democrat State Rep Mocking Dangers Of Communism


Tucson Democrat State Rep Daniel Hernandez mocked the dangers of communism and claimed white supremacy is a bigger threat. He’s running for Congress, in CD2, a seat being vacated by the retirement of Ann Kirkpatrick. GOP State Rep Quang Nguyen escaped Vietnamese communism but not before communists killed members of his family. He put Hernandez in his place. Click the link below to hear the rebuke.

CD2 is a open seat in a competitive district for 2022.

Morris is the morning fixture on AM790 -KNST Tucson radio from 6-10AM and touts a conservative view of culture and politics. He has been at the forefront of the pushback against masking children and re-opening schools for K-12 students.

CD2 at present, does not include SaddleBrooke ore SaddleBrooke Ranch. But that can change with redistricting scheduled for 2022.

Lewis’ show can be streamed every morning on this link. 

Star Talk show host on KNST-AM 790 Tucson


P.s. His parents are residents of SaddleBrooke!

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