“Freedom Team” to Liberate SB GOP Club members

VIA SBINSIDER| July 30th, 2023

The putative “Freedom Team” consisting of State Senator Justine Wadsack, State Representatives Cory McGarr and Rachel Jones will be featured guests at the SaddleBrooke Republican meeting this coming Tuesday, August 1st. The event will be held at the HOA1 Activities Center and is restricted to residents of SaddleBrooke who are members of the Club. About 80 members are expected which would be capacity for the site. The event is being catered by the members. (Pot-luck is no-longer a conservative moniker.)

Ross Teeple, candidate for Sheriff

Ross Teeple, candidate for Pinal County Sheriff and Dana Lewis, candidate for County Recorder are also expected to attend.

County Recorder, Dana Lewis

The Freedom trio may have a conflict in that the Legislature has not adjourned for the session and could be called in Monday and maybe working at the Capitol. Club President Kathleen Dunbar expressed disappointment if that happens but said, “We have to accept that Governor Hobbs being the Queen of Veto has unnecessarily held up many pieces of legislation, particularly the re-authorization of Proposition 400, which should have been passed months ago and is crucial for Maricopa County transportation.  Hobbs is grandstanding for her lefty base, which is not how a Governor is supposed to perform. But, can we expect anything more from a former social worker? ”

The Freedom Team is associated with the Arizona State Legislature’s “Freedom Caucus” which has had conflicts with more moderate members of the GOP. In both the House and the Senate, the Republicans have a one vote majority. LD-17 is targeted as a possible Democrat pickup in 2024. 

SaddleBrooke GOP Club President, Kathleen Dunbar

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