Explorer “trash” in Driveway?

VIA SBINSDER |June 19th, 2022

SaddleBrooke HOA1 residents via their Unit Representatives meet regularly to pass on concerns from their respective areas to the HOA1 management and board.

Recently, the representatives voiced their displeasure with the wanton distribution of the “Explorer” printed piece of lightly concealed advertising which is being thrown into resident’s driveways.

Essentially, this Explorer is trash and was not requested by the residents nor according to reports, was permission granted to the publisher to distribute it.

“This is garbage being dumped in my lawn and end up in the bushes or used a pat rack nesting material, ” said one frustrated resident. “It has to stop”.

HOA1 management has requested that the publisher cease its activity and only put a number of copies in the HOA office for residents to pick up if desired.

SBINSIDER will update this story if Explorer representatives respond.



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