Executive Chef Dylan Carothers makes dessert decadent at the Vistas

main course


We were assured by our server that the dessert dulce du leche is, in fact, legal to serve in Arizona. It was so delicious that we were sure it had to be prohibited for some reason. Served on a crumbled cookie crust, topped with caramel and chopped pistachios, it was decadent.

Dulce de leche is a caramelized milk that can be found in the cuisines of Spain, of course, also Portugal, France, Poland, Turkey, and Russia. It is prepared by slowly heating sugar and milk for several hours resulting in a rich browned flavor and color.

The Grillin’ & Chillin’ menu started with a Mexican shop salad and a cilantro lime vinaigrette served on romaine lettuce and topped with corn, black beans, and tortilla strips. The salad was a light starter beginning the theme of casual southwestern faire.

The main course of marinated grilled skirt steak was so tender that even though we were provided with a large steak knife, we didn’t need it. The succulent steak melted in your mouth. Perhaps Executive Chef Dylan Carothers will share his secret to creating such a tender skirt steak.

The real hit of the entrée was the chicken and rice stuffed poblano pepper with avocado lime crema. The rice was perfectly cooked, and the roasted, shredded chicken was tender and delicious. In addition to the skirt steak and chicken, each diner received a portion of charro beans and grilled street corn.

Topping the meal off was the dulce du leche which has already been mentioned but is worth mentioning again. Other diners expressed their approval of the entire meal, as well. Kudos to the staff at HOA1 for providing such a great combination.

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