Elections Mailer about Early Voting

VIA SBINSIDER | December 17, 2023

Many residents of SaddleBrooke and other Pinal County voters received a postal mail envelope regarding their status as an early voter. The Pinal County Recorder, Dana Lewis (as seen in the video below at the new elections building,) is required by law to send this notice in case you desire to change any aspect of your current early voting status.

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If you wish to continue receiving a ballot by mail, which you can return by mail to record your vote-do nothing. Throw the notice in the trash.

You only need to respond if a change is desired such as :

  • Cancel receiving a ballot by mail
  • Permanent change of mailing or residential address -must also be in Arizona
  • Be removed from the Active early voting list -you can still vote on election day

Arizona’s presidential preference election differs from other states, “so we are doing an aggressive campaign to inform voters,” Lewis said. Voters not on the active early-voting list who would like to request a one-time early ballot may call 520-866-7560.

If you are out of Arizona during summer, you can have you early ballot sent to your vacation\second home by contacting the Recorder’s office in Florence.

The next major election is the Presidential Preference Election and that is held March 19th, 2024. The Early ballots will be mailed about 3 weeks ahead of the actual election day.

As of Monday, December 11th at 5 p.m. the candidate filing deadline for Arizona’s 2024 Presidential Preference Election (PPE), a total of 16 candidates qualified for the ballot: seven Democratic Party candidates and nine Republican Party candidates.

Click this link to see that complete list of names and how to contact each campaign from the Secretary of State website. 

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6 months ago

If you want to vote in the Presidential Primary you must be registered as either a Republican or Democrat.PNDs are not allowed to vote in primaries.

Dana Lewis
Dana Lewis
5 months ago
Reply to  barbara

Barbara – You are absolutely correct! Voters registered as independent, party not designated and other have the option to update their registration to reflect partisanship for the March 19th Presidential Preference Election. The only political parties participating in the 2024 for the PPE are the Republican and Democratic parties. This request can be made until February 20th.