Egad its Cold! Protecting your plants from Frosty

VIA SBINSIDER | Contributor John Ellinwood

Plants\Citrus Need Preparation!

Frosty weather has arrived early and perhaps portends a long, cold winter season. SBINSIDER contacted its resident foliage\citrus expert on protecting your plants and got the following must dos:

  1. During the day, soak the soil as it is more resistant to cold air penetration. This sounds counter-intuitive, but dry soil more easily transmits the cold air.
  2. Buy any incandescent X-MAS lights that you can find and string them on those plants that are vulnerable. They are still made, but are harder to find as the industry switches to all LED lights. Get some extra extension cords.
  3. Get you bed sheets\plant covers deployed now. Attach the sheets with paper binder clips. It is OK to leave plants covered for several days as long as the covers are not wet.
  4. Do not fertilize at this time.

If you have any questions on plants\citrus care and preparation send a query by email to pu*******@sb*******.tv

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Jan Fiehler
1 year ago

Love the idea of the xmas lights, thanks!