Democrats Drag Queens SaddleBrooke to Story Time

VIA SBINSIDER| June 1st, 2023

The barrage of drag queen performances has become the bête noire of political conservatives and traditionalists. Apparently, the Pima County Democrat party has decided that hosting a drag queen event is a way to serve up some red meat to the base of their party and tweak the sensibilities of the religious right. 

Drag performances are ancient in that the Greeks would perform plays but no women were allowed on stage, requiring men to costume as women. Even the Romans heavily restricted women on stage. According to historical accounts both Greek and Romans considered women on stage to be “dangerous”. Who knew? 

And then along came Opera 

In the 17th century a new music form emerged that changed everything. Music and drama combined required female registers. Some theaters employed castrati in place of women voices but not many young boys applied for the job. 

Then, still in the 17th century, the English Restoration period occurred. One big step forward for women in theatre was Aphra Behn, who dared to go against cultural norms by becoming the first professional female playwright. Until then, it was unheard of for women to make a living writing plays! As for female actors, they sometimes played male characters, even though the opposite had happened in the past: “One might expect the admission of women on stage to be related to a demand for greater realism, but the actual result was not only that men and women got to play roles appropriate to their gender, but that the impersonation of the opposite sex could now go both ways.

LD 17 Joins the drag queen party 

SaddleBrooke is located in LD-17 and is currently represented by 3 conservative Republicans in the state legislature, a Republican Congressman in Juan Ciscomani and apparently they think they can fire up their voters with this type of stunt. Or, they just want to have a way to tweak the conservatives and drag is the current fad.

Here is the the LINK in case you want to attend: 

Here is a Link to women in theater from history.

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Robert Bulakowski
Robert Bulakowski
1 year ago

They don’t care to tweak. They only want to twerk.

John Gault
1 year ago

I actually think they are seeking to amaze each other with their virtue signaling.
The Democrats don’t even realize they are sponsoring a decadent phase for America. Such phases have led to many downfalls of empires throughout history. Sad.