Crime Statistics in Pinal County


According to figures from the Pinal County Attorney’s Office, homicides have made up 0.81% of the 2,705 crimes, which equates to more than 20 for the year.

Volkmer pointed out that while this type of crime has increased in the county, it is still far below others, including Maricopa, Pima and Yavapai counties.

He said that when the county had three shootings in three days a few months ago, two of the suspects were not county residents and instead traveled 45 minutes to an hour to come to the county to shoot people.

Obviously, there is no way to prevent these people from coming to the county, so when they commit crimes here they need to be held accountable, he said.

According to data from the PCAO, drug cases have made up about 39% — or well more than 1,000 — incidents for all felony crimes in the county to date this year in Pinal County.

Assaults or other related offenses in the county are the second most prevalent crime in 2022 at 13.49%, or more than 350 cases of the 2,705 crimes.

Felony DUIs are the third most prevalent crime at 9.91%. Theft was the fourth most common at 6.25%.

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