COVID a Comeback in SaddleBrooke?

VIA SBINSIDER | December 30th, 2023

While hard data is hard to find, anecdotally, the evidence is flowing that SaddleBrooke residents are succumbing to the latest variant or perhaps for those not inoculated, the original version of COVID-19. According to the Arizona Department of public health website, the number of reported cases in November were 162,228. But, that number is very misleading in that many people have home test kits and can test positive while under no obligation to report. From the chart, 65 and older citizens (SaddleBrooke range) appears to have the largest incidence over time.

So, thousands more could be afflicted, but no one knows.  Many SaddleBrooke residents have self-tested and discovered that they indeed have the virus. SBINSIDER has spoken to several victims and they reported the standard litany of symptoms but a large variance in severity-some mild coughing and fatigue and others bed-ridden for several days and still lethargic.

The disappointing aspect is some of those fallen ill had been diligent with taking all the available vaccines up to this date, while another group said they had the first couple and then decided the risk\reward was too small.

XMAS Parties the Spreader?

Another finding from chatting with afflicted residents is that many had contact with lots of neighbors and relatives as expected in “normal” holiday times. But became aware that others at the same events came down with COVID or virus-lie symptoms later too.

SBINSIDER will continue to seek out more data and please add a comment of your impressions the COVID rebound with our readers.

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1 month ago

I don’t trust Covid tests. Could just be flu