County Board of Supervisors to hold “Truth in Taxation” presentation

VIA SBINSIDER| June 16th, 2023

After voting to maintain the County Tax Rate at the same level as last year, the County Board of Supervisors is compelled to hold a public hearing allowing the public to comment on this action. By continuing the same rate as last year and with the county property valuations increased, the county will reap increased revenue. Under state law, that is considered a tax increase and therefore requires the Board to hold a “Truth in Taxation” hearing. The Board could decided after the hearing, to reduce the tax rate to meet the increase in valuation (property tax income) and thereby not cause an increase in taxes billed. The proposed percentage increase is 4.81% per property.

While every tax bill is unique, if you have any comments you can email to the Board from the County website and they will be read aloud as part of the hearing. If you are really motivated you can attend and speak in person.

The meeting is scheduled for:

Wednesday July 5th

9:30 AM

Florence, AZ Board of Supervisors Hearing Room (old Courthouse)

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