Congressman Ciscomani sizzles in SaddleBrooke

VIA SBINSIDER| February 15, 2023

Newly elected Congressman Juan Ciscomani, (CD 6) fresh off his triumphant retort to the President’s State of the Union address, delighted an excited crowd of supporters at the Desert View Theater Tuesday. Ciscomani delivered the Spanish language version of the response on Univision and other Spanish media.

The crowd roared their approval of Ciscomani’s report on his initial 45 days in Congress, especially his appointment to the Appropriation and Veteran’s Affairs committees.  It is extremely rare for a freshman member to appointed to the Appropriations committee, through which all discretionary spending flows through the House. The Veteran’s Affairs committee is important to southern Arizona as it is home to a high number of retired military.

Ciscomani commented on the extended process to elect Kevin McCarthy as speaker’ “the process worked as it was designed, with members negotiating for more seats on the Rules committee and other concessions from McCarthy”, said Ciscomani.

He went on to elaborate on the hectic schedule that makes up his day and how the days and hours seem to blend together in a blur. Ciscomani is married and the father of 6 children, who have decided to reside in Tucson while Juan commutes to DC and sleeps on an air mattress in his office.

Members of the audience posed questions after Ciscomani’s remarks which lasted about 90 minutes. The border and fentanyl were prominent on the minds of the audience and Ciscomani responded that the Oversight committees and Judiciary will be questioning Homeland Secretary Mayorkas and his apparent dereliction of his sworn duty to enforce the law and protect the US from invasion. Approximately 5 million illegals that we know of, have crossed the border since Biden took office. Plus, over 100K deaths from the rise of fentanyl have been inflicted by the Mexican drug cartels.

Next Month, the SaddleBrooke Republican club is hosting a luncheon featuring former Governor Scott Walker. The lunch is scheduled for March 8th at the Mountain View ballroom. ” Scott Walker is the current President of YAF and we look forward to his message to our 600 members” said club President Kathleen Dunbar. 


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